9 Ways Fiber Internet can Supercharge your Summer

Using the power of 100% fiber internet to create an unforgettable summer experience for you and your family is a great idea — and easier than you think. The key is finding activities online that are enjoyable but also enriching. Here are a few ways to use your high-speed internet to create epic summer adventures!

Sunset Streaming of Outdoor Movies

Turn your backyard into an outdoor blockbuster theater! Grab a blanket and some pillows, let children pick their favorite movie, and create a cinema experience under the stars with fiber-optic streaming and seamless connectivity. Outdoor movie nights might just quickly become a family favorite.

Ignite Curiosity with Interactive Online Learning

Explore online learning in coding, art, and unique sciences at home like never before. With fiber-fast internet, you can unleash your child's curiosity to experience engaging and dynamic online content fully. A high-speed internet connection allows your child to explore their interests and discover new hobbies from all the courses out there on the web.

Achieve Zen with Mindfulness Sessions

Connect online to unlock the superpower within your kids — mindfulness — with kid-friendly yoga and mindfulness videos. Yoga improves flexibility and strength while promoting emotional well-being and can help to keep your children active and relaxed during the summer. It’s also a routine they can carry into the new school year.

Stir Up Creative Cooking In The Kitchen

Whip up delicious and nutritious summer recipes together by discovering new recipes online and following hands-on cooking tutorials and videos in your own kitchen. You’ll empower your kids with lifelong culinary skills and healthy cooking habits and stir up some tasty treats for the entire family.

Journey Remotely Through Virtual Museums

Embark virtually on global adventures and tours all over the world! But remember, a virtual tour is only as good as your internet connection. Their highly interactive virtual amenities need plenty of speed to be experienced properly. Freely explore art and history from renowned institutions —all from the comfort of your own home.

Develop New Science Skills at Warp Speed

Participate in DIY science experiments online—no lab required! Create explosive volcanoes and learn about buoyant principles with captivating online educational classes, all from the safety and convenience of your laptop or tablet.

Rock On with Virtual Music Lessons

Discover hidden singing or instrument talents through online music lessons. Available to kids of all ages and skill levels, virtual lessons offer access to expert teachers and instructors that might normally be out of your reach. Plus, they often save time and money and are paced for every individual student.

From Screen to Green Thumb

Streaming online gardening tutorials allows kids to create their own home gardens. Under the guidance of online expert advice and resources, they’ll develop watering, weeding, and plant-nurturing skills. You may even use those garden vegetables in your family cooking sessions!

We recommend Roots and Refuge, originally from Arkansas, and Whispering Willow Farm, from Vilonia, Arkansas.

Summer Growing: Fueled By Fiber

One of the best things about fiber internet is that it ensures every online adventure is educational and exhilarating without streaming lag or buffering. By embracing the power of these online resources, you’re guaranteed a summer season filled with exploration, discovery, growth, and cherished family memories.


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