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Choose the channels that are right for you! RightFiber offers three levels of packages to meet your entertainment needs.
Each plan includes up to two set top boxes and a RightFiber Cloud DVR with 250GB of space.
Get the extras you might want with our additional add-on movie and sports packages.
With the Watch TV Everywhere feature you can watch your favorite shows on the go, from any device.

Your channels wheneverwherever.

We are pleased to offer a number of channels for streaming using TV Everywhere. Access to the channels is based on the TV package you are subscribed to. To add greater channel access, please call us at 833.717.4448 to speak to a representative about upgrading your TV package today.
Need Help? Check out the TV Everywhere User Guide | FAQs

*Some networks require you to both register with their site and link your account to your TV provider’s account. Watch TV Everywhere access is available only for residential TV customers. Full access to TV Everywhere channels and your account may take up to 30 days after install date.


What is TV Everywhere?

Watch TV Everywhere is a video streaming on-demand platform that allows you to watch your programs from network websites or internet on any of your devices, including your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You are able to watch both live TV or full episodes of current TV shows.

TV Everywhere is free for RightFiber customers however you must subscribe to the RightFiber TV package.

What are the benefits of TV Everywhere?

Watch TV Everywhere gives RightFiber TV customers free access to TV shows, movies, behind-the-scenes content, and more.

Is there a minimum broadband speed required for viewing TV Everywhere?

If watching TV Everywhere from a device connected to RightFiber internet, you should experience no issues. The minimum speed required can vary by network. The recommended speed is 6 Mbps or higher for streaming platforms.

How is TV Everywhere different from something like Hulu or Netflix?

Watch TV Everywhere is different from other streaming platforms because it is free with your RightFiber TV package. It also allows you to watch the same shows and programs you watch on your TV from wherever you want, whenever you want. Other streaming services only offer past seasons of shows on your cable TV subscription, so you have to wait to watch the current season.

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