You might need 5 Gig internet if…

Now that RightFiber has joined the elite ranks of internet providers offering 5 Gig speed, it’s time to start considering if 5 Gig might be right for you.

How fast is 5 Gig internet? People have described it in different ways, but the word “Wow” is a frequently heard first response. 

It’s so fast that you can stop waiting for your online connection to catch up with your online activities. Working and learning from home is a breeze when you can download and upload large files, conduct video conferences and connect to remote servers in a matter of seconds. Big time gamers can enjoy no-glitch gaming 2/47 without stealing bandwidth from others in the household. And, best of all, tons of online action can happen simultaneously on several devices all at the same time, with no lag, buffering or interruptions!

Uploading or downloading large files when working or learning remotely happens immediately, and even image- or video-heavy web pages load instantly. Browsers on 5 Gig are unbelievably responsive.

Households with 5 Gig internet don’t worry about how many people or how many devices are connected to their internet. And 5 Gig speed opens up endless Smart Home automation possibilities: everything from security systems (with lots of cameras indoors and out) to virtual voice assistants, from smart light bulbs and plugs to connected thermostats, from interactive pet cameras (which tell you when your dog is barking, and can even toss them a treat) to smart kitchen appliances like faucets and coffee makers.

Smart technology can now control connected robot vacuum cleaners and the newest robot mops and smart trash cans—the sky’s the limit for Smart Home options with 5 Gig internet.

Today’s young families love smart baby monitor systems, and 5 Gig makes it possible, and easy!

The bottom line is that a RightFiber remote employee in one of our rural locations can connect, engage and operate in the cloud at the same online speed and capacity as someone in Atlanta or Dallas or Chicago.

So, let’s talk about you. You might need 5 Gig internet if…

  • You’re a serious online gamer who can’t afford ANY lag in a connected, competitive crisis situation; no matter what you’re playing, the name of the game is internet speed.
  • You’re a remote employee constantly in the cloud who needs a connectivity edge (the current list of 5 Gig cities and communities is very small; it’ll look great on your remote resumé).
  • You’re a Smart Home sophisticate who wants to automate anything and everything, including state-of-the-art security and the most advanced convenience comforts.
  • You’re a household with several people and numerous devices that are all connected all the time; think phones, tablets, laptops, virtual assistants, TVs, smart appliances, security systems and more.
  • You’re a streamer who always wants a hi-res experience when binge watching or linking live content from your phone (don’t ever try that with slow internet).

If any of those sound like you, we’ve got your Gig!

Good news travels fast, so when you’re ready to bring RightFiber 5 Gig to your home, the quickest way to get it is to contact RightFiber at 833.71Right  or  www.rightfiber.com.

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