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We're committed to being a good neighbor while our construction teams bring 100% high-speed fiber internet to your home!

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Why is construction happening in my yard?

Similar to other public utilities, at RightFiber we work with the city to use municipal rights-of-way, and/or utility easements for our buried fiber, and utility poles for aerial fiber, to build the fiber network that will enable services at your house, condo or apartment. Most often, these easements or city street rights-of-way include part of your front yard or backyard. Our construction process requires us to access these easements through your property to install our fiber optic cables. We always knock first to ask permission to enter your private property. However, if no one is home we normally continue working so we can bring fiber optic services to you and your neighbors as quickly as possible. That way, when you are ready to order services, we will be prepared to make the final connection of the fiber network to your home.

You can view videos on our website that demonstrate what to expect during the RightFiber construction and installation processes.

What is RightFiber?

RightFiber is a 100% Fiber-to-the-Home service that offers a full range of telecom services including internet, TV and phone to residential customers. RightFiber is brought to you by Ritter Communications and backed by our 115 plus years of experience.

Headquartered in Jonesboro, Ritter Communications is the largest privately held telecommunications service provider in the Mid-South, offering world-class broadband fiber internet, voice, entertainment/video, cloud and data center services.

Arkansas Business named Ritter Communications as one of Arkansas’ Best Places to Work in 2021 and 2022. Ritter Communications has also achieved best-in-class customer service and loyalty scores when compared to other telecom communications providers in our industry.

What do I do if I have concerns about construction?

We encourage residents to call our RightFiber hotline directly (833.565.1994) with any questions or to register complaints about our construction process.

What happens to my yard after construction?

After the construction phase is complete, our approach is to “leave things as we found them.” To deliver on our Right by You promise, RightFiber construction crews are required to repair lawns, flowerbeds, fences and anything else disturbed during the network construction process.

Sometimes we are able to do that immediately, and in other instances, it makes more sense to complete all repair work after RightFiber construction is finished for the whole neighborhood. For example, where lawns are impacted, the repairs may not look great until average temperatures allow the grass seed or sod we have used to take root. RightFiber has a quality assurance team that will come back and revisit a neighborhood a few months after the network build to help ensure we made/make the repairs necessary to leave things as we found them.