Drop and Bury Lines

What to Expect While We Complete Construction

We still have a few steps left to complete our fiber-optic network construction. Final steps can affect non-customers as well as customers in our service neighborhoods.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 833.717.4448


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Step 1:
Utility Marking

This takes about a week

We are obligated to mark other utilities in your yard once we've established your location.  This normally takes up to 5 business days; if there's a lot of construction in your area if could take longer.

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Step 2:
Bury the Line

This takes another week or two

Next, a team member must bury the fiber-optic line.  This can take up to 5-10 business days; however, inclement weather can delay the process. 

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Step 3:
Restoring your Yard

This can be weather dependent

We will repair any damage to your yard and restore your property to its previous condition before we began construction. 

Drop Bury FAQ

Why is my yard impacted?

I'm not a RightFiber customer.

The routes for the fiber-optic lines are dependent on many factors, and we can't always control the directions or the pathways. Similar to other public utilities, at RightFiber we work with the city to use municipal rights-of-way, and/or utility easements for our buried fiber, and utility poles for aerial fiber, to build the fiber network that will enable services at your house, condo or apartment. Most often, these easements or city street rights-of-way include part of your front yard or backyard. Our construction process requires us to access these easements through your property to install our fiber optic cables.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Why are you coming back now?

I thought construction was done.  

We have to bury what we call "drop lines", which are fiber-optic from the service cabinet near the street to homes receiving service. 

I got another tag on my door, too. What's that about?

The contractor's team is also their information for follow-up if necessary.