Right by You–
Severe Weather Preparedness


Always on Standby

We're prepared to respond to severe weather, whether ice, snow, or thunderstorms.
In an outage, restoring your internet connection is our top priority.

We know how important it is to stay connected

Severe weather is not a new occurrence in our communities and when it causes an interruption in your internet services, it can be frustrating and frightening. That’s why we take steps to prepare and are committed to doing Right by You by getting your internet reconnected as quickly as possible:

  • Our Network Operations Center tracks weather alerts closely and monitors any potential impacts before, during, and after.
  • We monitor and maintain our network 24/7
  • All our generators are regularly maintained and ready in case of extended power outages.
  • We work with local authorities and utility providers to ensure swift coordination on restoration efforts.
  • Our technicians are on call 24/7 to assist as soon as it is safe for them to do so.
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Now that we are all set, we want to ensure you are, too.

How to prepare for the storm ahead

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When preparing for a storm, it is important to have a family plan. If a situation takes a turn for the worst, it’s good to have a family plan already in the works to make split-second decisions easier.

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Start by gathering supplies and preparing your home, whether going to the grocery store to buy shelf-stable foods or pulling extra blankets and coats out of storage for extra warmth.

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Charge all electronic devices and program emergency contact information into your cell phone.

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Use your cell phone to take the most up-to-date photos of your home and its contents. If there is damage to your home or vehicle, use your phone to take pictures of the damage to send to your insurance company.

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Follow your internet provider's and utility companies' social media pages to learn about outages in your area. Also, follow your local weather station on social media platforms in case of a loss of cable television. This will give you the most up-to-date information for the upcoming storm.

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Forward your home phone number to your cell phone during an evacuation.

How else can I be ready?

  1. Have your Account number written down in case of an outage.
    • Make sure you have ways to keep your devices charged, like through an extra battery, car, or generator.
  2. Check the settings on important communication channels like alarms set on weather apps.

For more helpful tips, visit www.ready.gov.

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Service Restoration FAQs

Where can I get more information to ensure I’m ready for a storm or outage?

If you are interested in more information about how to prepare for a storm or an outage, please go to www.ready.gov.

What should I do if my Internet service is not working?

During severe weather, whether it be a thunderstorm with possibility of tornadoes or an ice storm, you might experience an internet outage.  

If your home is without power, you will not have internet, even if you are using a generator.  If you are experiencing internet connection issues and you have power, there are a few things you can check:

  1. Check for outages – If this is a planned outage, you should receive an email with that information. If it is a major outage, it will be reported on the RightFiber Facebook page.  
  2. Turn off your ONT device, unplug it from the wall for 30 seconds, and reconnect. 
  3. If the issue persists, please call tech support at 833.717.4448 and choose the option for Technical Support. Our support team is available 24/7.
  4. While we understand you may want to disconnect the cable, we ask that you leave that to our team of experts as fiber cables are very thin and this could permanently damage the equipment and cause additional downtime.

Will I lose my Internet Service if my power is out?

Yes, you will lose internet to your home when the power is out.  Even if you have a generator, there will not be internet.

If I have power, shouldn’t my internet service work?

Not necessarily. Our fiber lines can be laid underground or aerially through utility lines. Sometimes, while maintaining power, damage can occur to the line.

Once the power is restored in my home, how can I get my service back up and running?

Once power is restored to your home, it can still take a little while for internet service to be restored.  Our technicians cannot start repairing any damage to the infrastructure until the utility companies have signed off on it. 

You will be able to tell if service has been restored by the lights on your ONT.  Once the lights come on, the signaling connection has been restored, and you may need to reset your ONT. 

To reset your ONT, unplug the device from the wall, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. Allow time for the device to restart, and service should be restored. 

If you are still experiencing issues, please call 833.71Right and reach out to Technical Services.

Can I install a backup battery for my fiber ONT?

No, you cannot.  Even with a generator, if the power is out so will your internet.