Smart Home Opportunities: Here to Stay, and getting better with every Gig!

As Gig-speed internet availability has increased, so have Smart Home opportunities for more and
more people. Smart Home devices all need bandwidth, and the internet demands add up quickly
with multiple accessories. In the end, Smart Homes can be very personalized and tailored to your
individual needs and preferences.

Imagine walking into your home, where every corner whispers convenience and comfort tailored
just for you. So, what exactly does your smart home look like? With rapid advancements in AI and
technology, the potential for enhancing your living space is basically boundless. It's time to craft a
vision for your own Smart Home.

Safety and Security

One of the most popular Smart Home applications is with a home security system. From the
convenience of your smartphone, you can effortlessly manage smart locks and monitor your
premises through video cameras and doorbells equipped with motion sensors. Whether you're
cozy at home or off on that long-awaited vacation, let your head hit the pillow at night with a sense
of reassurance knowing that your home is safeguarded by the latest in smart technology.

High-end Entertainment

Imagine entertaining friends in a home theater oasis. The lights dim as the movie begins, and the
sound system delivers an immersive experience that is perfectly tailored to your preferences.
Whether it’s a superbowl party or movie night, your home has boundless entertainment options.
When you're not in the mood for a movie, your smart speakers fill the air with your favorite tunes,
set the ambiance for a romantic dinner, or even lull you to sleep with a soothing bedtime story.

Smart Savings

Smart homes aren’t just about convenience; they offer economic benefits, too. Smart thermostats
can adapt to your temperature preferences, optimizing energy usage and reducing utility bills.
Customizable smart blinds can adjust to sunlight and weather conditions, and smart sprinkler
systems know when it’s raining and not double water your lawn. With a simple tap on your phone,
you can even turn off lights left on by forgetful family members, all while doing your part for the
planet—and your pocketbook.

Smart Cooking

For culinary enthusiasts, the kitchen becomes a playground of innovation with smart technology.
Video hubs such as Echo Show or Google Nest can guide you through recipes step by step, while
smart refrigerators effortlessly create shopping lists based on low inventory. Preheat your oven
remotely, and let touchless faucets dispense precisely measured amounts. Connected coffee
makers can streamline your morning routine, ensuring each day starts on a delicious note.

Smart Health

Smart technology reduces the barriers to becoming the healthiest version of you. Seamlessly sync
your fitness trackers with your Peloton workouts to provide valuable insights and motivate you
towards your personal health goals. Pull up a yoga class online in seconds with voice activation to
give yourself a mid-day break. The air purifiers in your home can be equipped with sensors to
ensure your home environment is pristine, and automatic dimming lights promote restful sleep.
Your Smart Home can be your personal wellness sanctuary.

Personal Assistance

Gone are the days of frantic scheduling and forgotten appointments if you use virtual assistants to
anticipate your needs, manage your calendar, keep you informed with timely reminders, and even
make grocery lists for you. A little Smart Home planning and setup with a virtual assistant lets you
be free to focus more on what truly matters, while technology handles mundane tasks and

Pick your Smarts!

You have the tools to design a Smart Home space that's uniquely yours, where innovation and
practicality converge to enhance your quality of life. And nothing powers Smart Home technology
better than reliable 100% fiber internet from RightFiber. So whether it’s advanced security or the
best utility savings or any combination of other benefits and convenience, how smart do you want
your home to be?

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