Smart WiFi...An Upgrade Option

More than a booster.

If you're like us and you spend a lot of time on the internet at home, you might need a little more than traditional WiFi.

Maybe your home is larger than average or your devices are in rooms far from the router. Whatever the case, it’s likely that you’ve found yourself in this situation: your regular WiFi is great where it reaches, but, depending on your location, it can be spotty at times.

A singular router’s coverage – try as it might – can only extend so far. Distance, walls, and other barriers can prevent a solid connection from reaching every corner of your space. Boosters come with their own set of complications, too. If only there were some sort of WiFi that knew where you were and amplified your signal connection accordingly…

That “What if” WiFi is now available!

As you may have guessed from the title of this blog, there's a new way to get a superior WiFi experience. We know that social media scrolls, exam study nights, online shopping sprees and TV show binges take place all throughout your home, not just in the main router room. The best WiFi should reach you wherever you are! And the good news is, it’s now easier than ever to make that happen.

That’s where Smart WiFi comes in. True to its name, SmartWiFi (or Mesh WiFi to some), is smart: No more disconnecting, rebooting and reconnecting; no more physical contortions to catch a sliver of connection; no more getting out of your seat when you just got comfortable.

Basically, Smart WiFi makes it like you’re in the room with the WiFi router all the time. That means uninterrupted speed and coverage, no more dead zones or buffering and a whole lot more control over your connection.


So, what exactly is Smart WiFi?

Being called Smart WiFi creates the expectation of above-average intelligence, and this device delivers. Smart WiFi knows exactly where your other devices are in your home, making sure you're always connected to the best signal.

With the Nokia WiFi Mobile App, it’s easy to control your Nokia Beacon and WiFi network from your phone. From there you can see and manage your internet access, set advanced parental controls (Mom and Dad, we’re looking at you), create and share your guest network, and even view your device connection strength with a Heat Map!

It’s also as simple as it is smart: just a white box that you set about every 1,200 sq. ft. – 1,500 sq. ft. in your home that works with and enhances your existing WiFi to create all the great benefits mentioned above.

From connection to reliability, if you’re a power user of internet you deserve the best, strongest WiFi signal wherever you are in your home. And upgrading to enjoy a powerful, easy-to-customize experience is not only easy — but easily available.

That’s the world of Smart WiFi. Ready for you, if you’re ready for it. And available from RightFiber.


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