The “why” of WiFi—things you need to know!

The Breakdown

The term “WiFi” refers to wireless technology used by multiple devices to connect to the worldwide internet. In your home, these devices could be laptops, smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles, smart TVs and security systems.

The connection begins with your modem, which is a box directly connected to the internet via fiber-optic cable wiring at your home. Normally, your modem connects to a separate device called a router, and the router enables you to connect multiple devices to the internet.

However, at RightFiber we like to keep things focused on you and your convenience. That’s why we offer an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) that includes both your modem and your router in one place. This ONT sends radio signals to your devices, allowing them to connect to the internet wirelessly—without a wired connection.

To get the most out of your ONT, make sure to place it in a central location in your home. Keep in mind, your WiFi signal will be stronger if you are closer to your ONT and weaker when you are further away. If you have a larger home, you can strengthen your WiFi signal with RightFiber’s Smart WiFi beacon, which will expand the WiFi reach to every room in your home and allow you to do the following:

➔ View the strength of each device’s connection
➔ Schedule automatic network updates
➔ Set advanced parental controls
➔ Create & share a guest network
➔ Manage internet access for all your devices



The Benefits of WiFi

WiFi is a convenient way to connect your devices that aren’t stationary or hard-wired to the internet. Here are a few ways it can help you navigate through your day:

✓ Home WiFi increases your efficiency. With WiFi, you aren’t limited to the room with the desktop computer. Check your stocks in the kitchen, work from home on the porch, file your taxes from the living room and binge your favorite shows from your bed!
✓ It’s convenient and easy. With a wireless network, you don’t need to fight with jumbled cables or cords to access your school or office’s server. In fact, you can work, learn and do more of everything online from anywhere in your home without missing a beat.
✓ It’s included. Because it’s basically a necessity for the best internet experience, all RightFiber internet speed plans include free standard WiFi.


The End
(or, the Beginning of Better WiFi)

And just like that, you’re an expert on all things WiFi. Go forth with this knowledge and conquer! (And by conquer, we mean use it to reap all these great benefits for yourself).

We can help more on that front. If you still have unanswered questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support services! We’re available 24/7 and always Right by You®.

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