Easement 101

Learn more about easements and how they impact Fiber to your home.

As RightFiber begins construction in your area, we want to help you understand what an easement is and how they are used during the construction of our RightFiber Network! Here are some frequently asked questions about easements and how they affect the network construction process.

What is an easement?

An easement is a legal right that gives one party (like RightFiber) access to another person’s land for a specific purpose (like building a fiber network infrastructure).

Why do we need easements?

An easement typically provides utility companies access to certain areas of a property in order to run underground electric, water, sewer and in the case of RightFiber, fiber optic lines.

Does an easement affect the ownership of my property?

Absolutely not. The legal title of the property doesn’t change and the ownership of the land remains with the homeowner.

How will I know if I could be affected by an easement?

Once RightFiber begins construction, you will see different colored flags and temporary spray paint that let us know where other public utilities are located.

Usually, easements are in easily accessible parts of a yard. However, there may be a rare occasion where they might be located in an area of the yard that is protected by a privacy fence. If this is the case, RightFiber will need assistance from you to arrange for the fence to be unlocked so we can access the easement. We will attempt to notify residents by knocking on doors or leaving notes detailing when crews will be entering yards to gain required access.

RightFiber appreciates your patience and cooperation in providing access to easement areas. We are committed to being a good neighbor while our construction teams bring 100% fiber high speed connections to your home!

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